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Group exhibition

Lielahti manor

Tampere, Finland


Participant artists:

Riikka Anttonen, Maija Fox, Elina Nissinen and Man Yau




SATIN is a sculptural mixture: a material entity with a strong spatial relationship. This exhibition space is powerful yet fragile in character. We ended up filling it by beginning with the surface that bears most load, the floor. 

The idea for creating this exhibition grew spontaneously while we were hanging out on the already deserted fifth floor on a Tuesday. We were reflecting on our artistic practices and the things that unite us in them. Conceptual framings and processes are one thing and the physical works another. What kind of narratives would our works create, brought together in a particular place like this? How would they interact with each other and the space? We decided to find out.


SATIN is an exhibition that features stone, ceramics, wood, metal, and glass, as well as tongues, a wave, a device, trophies, and cups. SATIN is a semi-shiny and slippery word, it is an image of a fabric and a memory for the fingertips; the cool, smooth feel of the material.

SATIN is a group exhibition by four visual artists. The works on display are excerpts from their personal projects completed during 2021. In addition to their friendship, the group shares an interest in collective, process-focused and synergistic working, as well as a desire to show their works outside of conventional exhibition contexts.

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