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Group exhibition

Exhibition laboratory 

Helsinki, Finland


Hinges are used to open doors, and you can hide different things behind closed doors. 

The painting has 108 surfaces. It will not reveal everything at once; rather, it sometimes becomes concealed in the folds of its hinges. It becomes part of the structures of the exhibition space, hanging down as a line-like sketch or camouflaging to the wall. 

In my work I explore transformation, metamorphosis and the essence of painting. The work is composed of six technically identical pieces. As paintings, these pieces assume various positions within the space, forcing the perspective to be scattered. The planed timber has been liberated from its original function as a support structure to hold something immaterial. The painting moves towards the boundaries of dismantling and reorganisation – areas where things change their form. 

(description from the exhibition catalogue, May 2021)

Six identical paintings in space was presented part of the group exhibition Kuvan Kevät, the annual MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, at Exhibition Laboratory in May 2021

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